Ceracell Round Comb Honey Kit

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The simplest way to package and sell your comb honey!

This kit includes everything you need to get your first batch in just a few simple steps:

  • 1 modified half depth super (made from Australian Hoop Pine)
  • 1 set of round frames (7 in the 8 frame kit, 8 in the 10 frame kit)
  • 1 full set of lids, bases and rings to fill your frames
  • 1 set of modified (thin) foundation wax (made in Australia)
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The End Result

Simplify your comb honey extraction and have your girls create the rounds themselves!

Place the kit directly on top of your 8 or 10 frame {standard} supers and within a few short weeks, your round comb will be ready to package. Take out the rings, pop on the lids and bases and it’s off to your local market to show off your wares.

Picture shows the end result without the lid (courtesy of Darwen Honey)

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8 frame, 10 frame