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About us

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About Us


All about us.

Burnett Beekeeping Supplies is a truly Australian business, owned by David and Gaye Horton.

They both have a lifetime connection to rural Australia having all been raised on farms and living in rural communities. This connection has resurrected some long forgotten values and brought to the business honesty, integrity and a striving ambition for excellence.

David has experience in the timber industry through owning and operating a portable sawmill, working throughout the southeast and central Queensland. David first became interested in the bee industry in 2007 whilst working with a local beekeeper. This experience combined with David and Gaye’s passion for all things Australian motivated the pair to invest and participate in the Australian bee industry. This decision instigated the foundation of Burnett Beekeeping Supplies.

The Future

Burnett Beekeeping Supplies are optimistic about the bee industry in Australia and believe it has a bright future.  With this in mind David and Gaye have invested in a wax processing plant adding a new dimension to the services they already offer the industry.

About Us

Environmental Objectives

  • To reduce our environmental emissions and depletions through ;
  • Purchasing regionally grown plantation hoop pine, processed locally.
  • Using regionally harvested cypress pine from managed forestry ensuring minimal negative environmental impact and sustainable future growth.
  • Reduce our carbon footprint by stringent logistical control.
  • Reduce production waste by value adding factory sweepings (sawdust and wood shavings) and converting to compost.
  • To reduce our energy inputs by ensuring all plant and equipment is maintained and upgraded to deliver maximum outputs.

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Our postal address is:

806 River Road
Kingaroy Q  4610
ABN 65 068 291 163