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Finding a mentor or support

Finding a mentor and support network

Taking up beekeeping is not for the feint of heart. Even so, there are a lot of tools and resources around to make things just that little bit easier. However, any beekeeper worth their weight in gold will tell you there’s no substitute for getting your hands dirty and finding someone who is happy to share their trials and tribulations; in short, know-how.

So, that brings us to our first recommendation: get yourself a mentor or join one of the growing number of Beekeeping Clubs around the country.

To get you started, try Aussie Apiarists Online*, but if you can’t find a local there; why not try a search on Google or Facebook? You could even head over to our Facebook page and ask some of our tribe – we’re sure they’d be happy to help out.

When you get your hands on some support, you won’t regret it.

If you are like me and want to read about it, you can always grab one of these books from our store – all of them are jam packed with invaluable information!

Australian Stingless Bees

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The Bee Book

Happy hunting and good luck!

Until next time.

*Burnett Beekeeping Supplies are not affiliated with Aussie Apiarists Online nor any of the beekeepers listed on their site and do not accept any liability, responsibility or obligation for your contact or dealings with them.