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Helpful tips for working out quality when selling your wax

Helpful tips for working out quality when selling your wax

We’ve had a fantastic amount of interest around our buy back of wax to recycle into foundation sheets.Many of the questions about our wax buy offers have been “how much will you pay me?”. As a regional business, we understand the importance of cash flow and getting more bang for your buck; so, we think this is a very reasonable question.

One of the things that seem to be confusing some members of our tribe is the quality of the wax coming to us. It is quite difficult for us to come up with a good price offer if we haven’t seen the product first hand.

So, we’ve written this small post to offer a guideline as to the qualities of wax and to stress that quality will determine buy back price.

Why, you may ask? Experienced keepers will know that the wax needs to be cleaned and processed before we can begin converting it into foundation sheets. Depending on the quality of the wax that comes to us, good clean wax doesn’t need to be cleaned; where soiled wax takes some time to clean so that we can maintain our yellow foundation quality.

If you still aren’t sure what grade your wax will be, here’s a few images that will give you a better idea of what we’re looking for in good quality wax.

sample top quality waxTop quality, top colour, clean

Here’s a perfect sample of the type of wax that will fetch top dollars.

This wax has been poured into 8kg wax moulds (shop link) and are very clean with little to no soiling. The golden colour is also another sign that this is top notch wax.


mid quality waxHigh quality, good colour, mild soiled

The quality here is noticeably less than our first example. You can see that there is some debris showing through the wax and this means that the weight of this block will not be the weight of the useable wax.

This wax will not fetch top dollar but will attract a reasonable buy back price.


mid quality waxGood quality, good colour, medium soiled

The big difference you will notice in this sample is the colour. Fear not however, this wax is still quite a good quality.

There is more soiling in this sample and this will determine the price you will be offered.

low quality waxLow quality, mixed colour, very soiled

There is a bit of a mix of wax quality in this sample image; we’re going to focus on the top two chocolate colours though.

These waxes will need several runs through the cleaner before they can be used to make wax foundation.

The level of soiling and amount of time required to bring this wax to a useable level will mean that you likely won’t get a top price offer.


As you can see, there are many qualities and types of wax that come through our doors. While we may not have the buyback power of some companies, we certainly stand by our prices and know that they are very reasonable in today’s market.

If you have some wax to sell but you’re not sure what quality it is, why not flick us through a photo and we can give you an idea.

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