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Are you worried about the quality of your beekeeping products?

Do you have trouble sourcing quality, bug-free products?


Burnett Beekeeping Supplies specialises in manufacturing beekeeping products for apiarists Australia-wide. We pride ourselves on offering high quality beekeeping equipment to keep beekeepers and bees, happy and loving their beehives.

The key staff members of Burnett Beekeeping Supplies have acquired over 15 years’ experience working in the timber industry combined with 8 years in the beekeeping industry at manufacturing level. As a result, key staff members have acquired extensive product knowledge and are always looking for new and improved ways for our customers to use our products. We openly share our knowledge and experience with our customers and offer them advice and suggestions on how to make the most of their beekeeping supplies.


If you are interested in building a working relationship with us, please send us a buzz using our enquiry form on the left.


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