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We buy wax to recycle

We buy all grades of wax. We then turn that into beekeeping foundation.

Phone us on (07) 4162 3606 or 0429 130 167 if you have some wax for sale.

Wax blocks to be reused for sheets

Timber knowledge boost bee business

Local Business Man, David Horton, has applied his knowledge of the timber industry to enter into a new business, Bee Keeping Supplies.

Burnett Bee Keeping Supplies owner, David Horton, said “I saw a shortage in the industry for hoop pine timber being used for bee keeping products. So I went into the bee keeping supplies business.”

“Hoop pine is such a nice, clean timber to work with both from a manufacturing perspective and for our bee keepers,” said Mr Horton.

Bee Keepers Go On Tour

Bee Keepers from all over Queensland come to Kingaroy to take a tour though a local bee keeping supplies manufacturing business.

Burnett Bee Keeping Supplies owner, David Horton, said “We had lots of bee keepers interested in how we make our products. We were then approached by bee keeping clubs to do open days for their members.”

“They love that we do all the manufacturing for both the timber bee keeping products and wax foundation tools at the one location,” said Mr Horton.

Wax plant up and running

Wax sheet Wax sheet packaging

The year has started off very promising and we are very pleased to let you all know we now have our wax plant up and running.

We are now buying wax or trading wax for some products and also milling foundation.

The small hive beetle is still a big problem in some areas.

The original T.k's Beetle Frames are still available and are chemical free and environmentally friendly.  They are reusable and a very economical way to help control the beetle in your hives.

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